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Governance HQ – the Nerve Center for Risk Mitigation

Last week we explored the Legal District of SourceOne City.  This week, we’ll look at the Governance HQ.  The Governance HQ explores all the issues around gaining full control and oversight of your information, including compliance, e-disclosure, and policy-based retention.

Many organizations have policies to manage portions of their data or data related to particular applications.  Financial data or customer records are generally managed to some degree within an organization.  Records Managers will tell us that their organizations are still growing their physical records and paper-based storage.  At the same time, they are also struggling with a growing wave of information assets they need to manage that are being produced by new types of applications. With all this growth, managing the total body of information assets is becoming more challenging than ever.

In addition to information growth, there is a challenge in the evolving need to govern that information.  Whether it is industry regulation, corporate best practices, or audits and investigations, organizations need to be able to prove that they know what information they have, where it is, who has access to it, and where it is in its lifecycle.  They also may need to demonstrate that they have disposed of all information that should no longer be maintained.  They may also need to present a portion of that information and prove the chain of custody.  As a result, organizations want to be able to manage information centrally, consistently, and at the same time in ways that minimally affect the work habits of employees.

How much control organizations have over information is piecemeal.  According to research conducted by AIIM, more than 85% of organizations have rules around how they manage email content.  At the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to new social media applications, such as wikis, blogs, or information kept on business-oriented social networks, fewer than 30% of organizations have even thought about creating rules let alone applying those rules to the content they already have. In addition to that most organizations are still struggling with unstructured content they have in various repositories around the organization, from SharePoint, to file shares.

Managing the lifecycle of content, from content creation through archiving and finally to disposition is a complex issue that requires input from IT, business content owners and the legal team.

Our Information Governance solutions – including both the SourceOne family as well as the Documentum Records Management solutions are designed to help customers take the policies they develop and be able to apply them in ways that lay the foundations of information governance and implement policies in an integrated manner, and in ways that manage the content with minimal or no change to existing end user behavior.


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