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Keeping the Lights On

What city would be complete without a power grid? How often have you really thought about a power station? In developed countries, power is largely taken for granted. Our lights are on. Our food and drinks are cold. Our homes are warm. Our computers, televisions, and other electronic gadgets are working. It’s not until there is a power outage that we realize how much we rely on our utilities. The “Power Station” was a necessary district in the design of SourceOne City. We needed a utility grid to keep the lights on in SourceOne City. And similarly to a real city, the Power Station is going to be largely invisible yet incredibly strategic. It provides the supporting infrastructure for Information Governance. The Power Station is state-of-the-art. It is highly available and easily scalable. As SourceOne City grows, the Power Station is designed with enough headroom to support the increased volume. This means that you can support Information Governance as your needs expand – whether organic growth of your organization, growth through mergers and acquisitions, and/or the need to support additional content, policies or processes.

Just like a real city, the Power Station can deliver power to buildings of all sizes – large office buildings and small houses. Similarly EMC SourceOne can deliver Information Governance to organizations of all sizes, delivering benefits to cost effectively manage your information whether you are a mid-size company or a large global enterprise. Changing times require a flexible infrastructure. The Power Station in SourceOne City is designed with an eye towards the future. Applying the metaphor to your Information Governance needs means there are constant changes in your IT environment. New versions of applications emerge that provide increased enhancements and better usability. You want an Information Governance solution that can help you to easily manage your information so that upgrades and migrations are simple. You also want a solution that gives you intelligence about your information – visibility into the information that you need to manage. Finally, when we think about how we purchase power, the Power Station is a good analogy to a utility-based model. Not sure you want to own Information Governance in-house? No problem. We are working with partners who can deliver Information Governance as a service to you. While the current phrase for this model is “cloud computing”, there aren’t any clouds in SourceOne City – it’s all beautiful sunny blue skies every day.


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