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SourceOne is VMWare Ready – So What Does That Mean?

SourceOne Insider recently got the opportunity to speak to EMC’s Ron Brown, who does Technical Marketing for SourceOne.  Ron Brown, EMC, Information Intelligence GroupWe wanted to know a little bit more about the recent news that EMC SourceOne has achieved VMWare Ready certification.

SourceOne Insider: Hello Ron.  So let’s start off by telling us what is the VMWare Ready program and why is SourceOne participating?

Ron Brown: VMWare Ready is a certification. Having this certification demonstrates that our products work within VMWare’s operational boundaries.

By joining the program, the SourceOne team is fully committing to support the product in the VMWare environment. EMC feels that VMWare accentuates SourceOne’s capabilities, and SourceOne customers are using VMWare more than ever to optimize their resources in terms of cost, power consumption and real estate.

SourceOne Insider: Ron, some of our customers have been running SourceOne on VMWare for years.  What does this certification mean for them? What changes?

Ron Brown: Well it doesn’t really change anything for our customers, but it should give them more confidence because it strengthens our commitment to the technology. We have been supporting SourceOne on VMWare since its inception, as it was clear that there were many synergies. Additionally we have now received some guidance from VMWare on optimizations in terms of vCPUs and memory, as well as verifications that our I/O is within the bounds supported by VMWare.  For our customers it really means less of a support burden out of the gate.

SourceOne Insider: Well that’s good to hear.  So now that we have this certification, what else are you working on in SourceOne in regards to VMWare?

Ron Brown: We’re working on a couple of things.  First, we plan to further enhance our relationship with VMWare by bringing our product into their labs in order to optimize the configuration to run under VMWare.   This is typically a 2-3 week process where we all gain a greater understanding of our joint solution and work on what is needed to make it perform flawlessly.  The output of this work will be a joint white paper that provides details of the solution, how it scales and how to best configure it.  We anticipate this happening in the second half of 2011.

We’re also exploring the possibility of further enhancing our product by working together with the VMWare management APIs. We believe this would allow us to add additional resources to the solution automatically based on workloads. For instance, a customer may have a heavy search load during an eDiscovery event, in which case, we would be able to sense this and automatically bring up new servers dedicated to the query task.  We’d love to know what our customers and partners think about this and how important it would be to them.

SourceOne Insider: That sounds interesting.  Thanks for taking the time to share what you’re doing and what it means for the customer base.  We appreciate hearing from you and look forward to hearing more as we continue to work with VMWare!

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