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Information Governance Meets Info360 – The Report from Washington DC

The Information Governance team is just returning from Washington DC where we were in attendance at Info360.  We met with a lot of people and had some really good conversations and we thought we’d share some of our findings with you.

1.       Information management is driving many governance and compliance projects. Whether we spoke to IT managers, Records managers, or Legal experts, information management is a big concern.  Customers are really trying to scope out what tools are available to augment their existing information infrastructure as well as new ways to use the existing tools they have.  At any rate, they’re trying to cope with the information deluge in smart, efficient ways.

2.       eDiscovery is still a hot topic – but companies are moving beyond the basics.  Now they want to expand the use of eDiscovery tools beyond legal inquiries to a broader range of investigative matters including internal investigations, audits, and even basic discovery on what’s actually in the organization for IT and Compliance purposes.

3.       Records Managers are continuing to stretch the boundaries of their jobs and work out how to apply many of the principles of their discipline to retention and disposition of content in general.

4.       IT managers are charged with getting their arms around what information is out there, understanding its burden on existing storage infrastructure, and figuring out how to get control of it.  This is a moving target.

5.       We’re also getting good feedback from attendees that they’re investing in technology this year and looking to spend on projects that drive information management and information governance in particular.  Does that align with what’s happening in your organization?

6.       In EMC’s keynote presentation, Chief Strategy Officer, Jeetu Patel spoke about business transformation.  We found this resonated with our customers – they want to use information governance tools to help change their business processes to make their companies more competitive, more effective, and better manage risks.  This is where a lot of the excitement in the future is going to be.  For example, that will be a big theme at this year’s Momentum at EMC World in Las Vegas in May.

Did you attend Info360?  Do these points resonate with you?  We’d love to know what you’re thinking.


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