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Information Taming Technologies – The New Buzz Phrase?

IDC published their key findings from the annual Digital Universe study (sponsored by EMC), highlighting just how much information we’re all creating and using.  In EMC’s press release, we highlighted the following:  “Information Taming” technologies are driving down the cost of creating, capturing, managing and storing information—one-sixth the cost in 2011 versus 2005.”  Information Taming Technologies!  What a name!

I would consider the SourceOne family of Information Governance products to be “information taming technologies.”  For example, SourceOne products can help archive inactive content from production environments. This leads to improved application performance, improved backup operations and reduced costs through tiered storage – all while preserving the user experience.  If those benefits are delivered, I would say that information taming has occurred successfully! One area where I think this is particularly significant is when managing Microsoft SharePoint environments.  As more and more content gets created and stored within SharePoint, how can organizations maintain high service levels for users while containing or reducing operational costs?

From my vantage point, governance policies are important to taming information growth. Critically important.  Consider IDC’s forecast that organizations will need to deal with 50x more information by 2020 than they’re managing today.  50X more! I wonder how many organizations are thrilled at that prospect when they are struggling to gain control of today’s current volume of information.  I think organizations will find governance policies that reduce hard operational costs and enhance performance to be important?  Do you?

The content residing in Microsoft SharePoint is not immune to the growth figures IDC presents.  Microsoft SharePoint stores content within the SQL database.  This means that as content accumulates, organizations will need strategies for ensuring that end-users don’t see degradation in performance such as in search and retrieval times. SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint can help organizations externalize active content from their SharePoint environment, in effect storing the content separately from the SharePoint SQL database.  This dramatically reduces the burden on the application, enables potential reduction of storage costs and still ensures that users can go about their business without disruptions.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Would you say it sounds like information has been tamed?  I do

Then there is the inactive content residing in SharePoint and content that is leftover from collaborative projects.  Do you think governance policies for how this content is handled at project conclusion is important?  I do.  If content is no longer being actively used and accessed, why clog up the system with it?  Regularly archiving inactive content reduces frees up the SharePoint environment and enables retention, disposition and eDiscovery capabilities to be invoked when appropriate.  This sounds pretty good too, right?  Information is tamed again!

I’ve provided these two examples to help make a point – IDC’s study provides a tremendous amount of information for us to think about.  Based on the findings, information governance will continue to grow in importance as organizations look for effective ways to manage this tremendous growth.

As for me, I still like the term “Information Taming” technologies.  I firmly believe that governance policies are critical in helping organizations effectively manage and store information. And, the SourceOne family will continue to help organizations tame their information even as it replicates at an unimaginable pace.  So, look for me to weave “information taming technologies” into my next discussion on the SourceOne family of Information Governance products, especially when it relates to managing Microsoft SharePoint.


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