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What keeps you up at night?

What keeps a mayor awake at night? Funding for sure – how to generate enough revenue to fund the services citizens expect? How to maximize resources – how to deliver services in the most cost-effective and economical way? How to be prepared – this would include both the expected (winter snowstorms for example) and the unexpected (a natural disaster or some kind of terrorism activity). Expecting the unexpected would be a key ingredient to a successful mayor. In fact, cities and their citizens have insurance policies against the unexpected.

If I think about what keeps legal and compliance officers up at night – it’s similar to what keeps a mayor up at night. How does that translate to SourceOne City? Preparedness is a key theme to Information Governance. Preparing for the expected such as platform upgrades (e.g. SharePoint or Exchange) becomes better and faster if a proactive information management strategy is already in place.

Prepare for the unexpected

But there is also the unexpected – or the hard-to-predict events that Information Governance can help you plan for, such as the case of a lawsuit, government investigation or audit. Sometimes these are expected and can be managed with an “all hands on deck” approach. But think about the time, cost and effort wasted if each of these events is treated in isolation. You could spend millions of dollars – not to mention the massive amount of manpower to retrieve content for a lawsuit. Without a repeatable process in place, you are going to do the same drill for the next eDiscovery.

Putting your head in the sand and hoping you don’t have an eDiscovery event puts your company at risk and can result in significant damage – both financially as well as in intangible damage to your company’s brand and reputation.

Insurance against the unexpected

Information Governance gives you preparedness. It is your insurance against the unexpected. It would be nice if you never had to respond to an eDiscovery but it’s not likely. The peace of mind that Information Governance gives to legal and compliance officers is preparing for the unexpected by proactively managing retention and disposition of content in a defensible way. And if and when the time comes to collect content for eDiscovery, the tools are in place to identify, preserve, analyze and produce information as part of the eDiscovery.

A repeatable process means that content should be disposed of according to your corporate policies. It also means that the time and cost of eDiscovery can be reduced dramatically – by as much as 90% – by using tools to help you throughout the steps of the process.

I’d like to invite you to visit SourceOne City to see how preparedness of your corporate information can pay dividends for years to come.