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What do Pre-Summer fun, EMC & eGRC have in common?

Spring is a time of renewal and typically the final semester before summer

Garth Landers, Lead Product Marketing Manager at EMC

vacation. Do you remember that end of the year feeling before summer vacation started? Usually, there was still work to be done and topics to be learned before final exams and summer of fun in the sun.

This spring, we launched the EMC Active eGRC seminar series. Unlike the final exams, they aren’t a chore, a bore and a lot of work for the audience. From May 18 through June 17, these seminars are about bringing compliance, security, ediscovery and IT professionals together to learn from their peers and from EMC about active Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance to help guide their organizations through today’s information governance and security challenges, while making them more agile and proactive when it comes to managing risk. The seminar agenda includes Continue reading


Keep Your Messaging Environment- Lean, Trim & Efficient

Did you have a New Year’s Resolution to get in shape? Maybe you had a goal of losing 5,10 or even 20 lbs. To get stronger, or faster or make that special outfit fit like it used to? Every year I know I make a mental note that this year I am going to “do it”. Some years I am successful, some years I am not, I suspect you might be like me. What is the secret to staying or getting fit? Experts will tell you it is consistency. It’s about making those small but critical changes- cutting down on your portions, eating the right things and exercising on a regular, consistent basis.

Today’s column is being written from the SourceOne Health and Fitness Center. Much like your body, you want to keep your messaging environment, whether it’s Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, lean, trim and efficient- a muscle building, heart pumping machine. But what is your messaging environment like today? Is it like “last year’s” body? Maybe its weighted down with unmanaged duplicate messages and heavy attachments, all sitting on expensive primary storage feeling like an expensive outfit that you spent your hard earned money on, but now have to squeeze into to make fit.

Just as there are health consequences for being overweight, there are consequences from having an unmanaged, bloated messaging system. For example, there are escalating storage costs for production storage related to email. There are increased administrative costs for maintaining the messaging environment.  Effective data protection/disaster recovery for email as a mission-critical application is another challenge/cost as mailbox sizes expand. Somebody pass the Pepto Bismol!

Have you ever seen those exercise infomercials? They are usually on after you had that late night snack and are feeling guilty  These are quick fixes that promise to help you lose 30 lbs in 30 days, or  promise to shape a particular body part with some piece of exercise equipment that you end up hanging your clothes on, or promote some special but extreme diet that results in extraordinary results.  Just like those infomercials, we can take draconian measures to solving our messaging glut- such as putting in mailbox quotas and forcing end users to manage.PST and NSF files with their own retention rules. This may work in the short term but it only leads to more problems, such as creating more risk, specifically, preventing organizations from being prepared for events like eDiscovery.

So what’s the answer?  Here in the SourceOne Health and Fitness Center, we have found that content archiving for email, can lower IT administrative and operational costs by 60% or more, improve application performance, cut backup windows by more than half and improve overall user productivity.  EMC SourceOne helps customers to proactively manage information growth, applying retention and disposition policies according to business policies for compliance purposes or litigation readiness.  Leveraging a tiered infrastructure results in a more optimized and lean production environment.  Skeptical?  Why not get an e-mail health check by using our interactive EMC SourceOne  Email Benefits Calculator here- https://roianalyst.alinean.com/emc/AutoLogin.do?d=434247315899769601

And see for yourself. Unlike those infomercials, you don’t have to “call and use your credit card now!”

I hope we will see you at EMC World this year in Boston May 10-13. If you’re there, be sure to attend a special breakfast we will be having on Tuesday, May 11. It will be a special EMC SourceOne & EMC Archive Platforms Sponsored Breakfast with unique fitness personalities you won’t see anywhere else.  Come and see for yourself!

Stay pumped,

Garth Landers