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EMC SourceOne…We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

It is with great pride that I write this blog.  What’s the news?  EMC is positioned as a “challenger” In the first ever Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant published by the Gartner, Inc.   This magic quadrant replaces the former “Email Active Archiving” Magic Quadrant as the last stand-alone email archiving Magic Quadrant was published in 2009.

Here is the magic quadrant graphic from the first Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant, published by Gartner in October 2010:

As you know, I’ve been active with SourceOne and in delivering the Information Governance message around the world.  I have the opportunity to talk with partners and customers on more than half the continents, and I’ve observed the similarity in their information management challenges.  More importantly, I’ve also seen the consistent and measurable results that customers are reporting from deploying Information Governance technologies –

  • Reducing operational costs
  • Assisting with mail platform upgrades
  • Reducing time and cost of eDiscovery
  • Making it easier to find information

Gartner echoes these drivers in the Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant.  In fact, I believe that Gartner gives further credibility to our perspective that archiving is foundational technology for Information Governance.    So the nice thing here is that EMC’s Information Governance strategy and our focus on key enabling technologies is in alignment with the major market drivers.  From a customer perspective, that should give you confidence that our product roadmap is designed to address your key challenges around your biggest headaches – email and file servers in particular.  And while you might not be there yet – SharePoint is looming on the horizon.  When you are ready to address SharePoint management challenges, EMC is ready.

To put this magic quadrant in perspective, I think it is worthwhile to look at EMC’s placement in this market space and the challenges we’ve overcome.    Nearly five years ago when I started working in this product group, EMC was a challenger in the email archiving market by multiple analyst viewpoints.  But then EMC started to lose ground in the market to the point where we became clustered with lots of smaller vendors as a niche player.  In hindsight, 2008-2009 was a dark period for us.  We were on the brink of a new product introduction.  The market was moving forward with new feature enhancements, but at EMC we held steady on the need to re-architect the underlying foundation of our archiving product.

Then we launched SourceOne, which raised concerns among customers and analysts that we had a Version 1.0 product.  We disproved the risk, and at this point I’m proud to say that we have more than 600 customers globally for SourceOne Email Management.  And we now have more content archiving types than email on the SourceOne platform.  In order to be considered for the 2010 Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant, the vendor needed to have email and file server archiving.  EMC offers SourceOne for File Systems and also SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint on the same underlying architecture as SourceOne Email Management.  So in hindsight, our decision to focus on an architecture revamp first is proving to be the right decision.

Another area where we struggled was with EMC’s e-discovery capabilities.  For this reason, EMC acquired Kazeon in September 2009 and the Kazeon capabilities are now integrated into the SourceOne family.   Since the acquisition, we’ve made the SourceOne archive one of the targets that Kazeon can discover against.  And we have the unique advantage that Kazeon can write to Documentum, allowing us to enforce legal holds with Documentum Records Management.

Understandably, many customers use the Gartner Magic Quadrant to help narrow their vendor selection.  In 2010, EMC is finally back where we believe we belong – as a challenger in the space for enterprise information archiving.   With our focus on execution, I hope next year we’ll see an even better improvement on this axis.  But what I’m really keen to see is how the evolution of our roadmap propels us from Challenger to Leader.


Managing Information Chaos

EMC World 2010 in Boston was alive and vibrant.  There was an excitement and buzz around the show that I think was missing last year.  Particularly because I think people are feeling more confident. The economy seems to be on the upswing, which means that budgets and project funding are coming back – even if at a cautious pace.   As we do each year, EMC put on a fantastic show – both socially and from a professional development standpoint.  The show floor was packed, sessions were well attended, and the parties were rocking.  All in an all – it was a super event.

For me personally, this was my 5th EMC World.  This year was different for me.  For one, I’m now based in the United Kingdom, so it is a new experience to travel overseas to my home country for our corporate event.  Second, the messaging around the journey to the private cloud is so pervasive and well targeted.  I think across the board EMC has the potential to really truly change the IT dynamics for our customers – and it is exciting to be a part of the revolution.

For my part, I look at how the SourceOne products have relevance to the private cloud.  Since we announced SourceOne last year, we are on a mission to equate SourceOne with Information Governance, which really plays well to a challenge that customers will have across both the public and private cloud. Information Governance is about the technologies and policies to help our customers to understand what and where information is stored.  I see this concept of information visibility and management being even more of a challenge in the journey to the private cloud.  Information might be stored in a combination of onsite and in the cloud, and without proper management of its lifecycle there is great likelihood of information chaos.

It’s more than a question of what’s stored and where – our view is that Information Governance should help you to understand what you have stored, how it should be classified, how it should be managed and who should have access.  In short, it’s the holistic approach to managing your information across its lifecycle so that it continues to feed your customer service, your competitive advantage and your next innovation.  Whatever your industry, information is at the heart of your business.

I talked with many customers across multiple industries, countries and even organizational sizes at EMC World.  The common theme is that information growth has reached the point where it is weighing down production systems and sprawled in such as way that it’s difficult for anyone to find what is relevant.  For that specific reason, we introduced the SourceOne family – to help you reign in your information chaos.  Over the past year we have evolved the SourceOne family from email management to a broader portfolio that includes eDiscovery, SharePoint management and soon to follow other tools to gain control of your unstructured information.

If you have similar challenges with information chaos as well, why not check out what Information Governance can do for you at www.emc.com/sourceonecity.

Keeping the Lights On

What city would be complete without a power grid? How often have you really thought about a power station? In developed countries, power is largely taken for granted. Our lights are on. Our food and drinks are cold. Our homes are warm. Our computers, televisions, and other electronic gadgets are working. It’s not until there is a power outage that we realize how much we rely on our utilities. The “Power Station” was a necessary district in the design of SourceOne City. We needed a utility grid to keep the lights on in SourceOne City. And similarly to a real city, the Power Station is going to be largely invisible yet incredibly strategic. It provides the supporting infrastructure for Information Governance. The Power Station is state-of-the-art. It is highly available and easily scalable. As SourceOne City grows, the Power Station is designed with enough headroom to support the increased volume. This means that you can support Information Governance as your needs expand – whether organic growth of your organization, growth through mergers and acquisitions, and/or the need to support additional content, policies or processes.

Just like a real city, the Power Station can deliver power to buildings of all sizes – large office buildings and small houses. Similarly EMC SourceOne can deliver Information Governance to organizations of all sizes, delivering benefits to cost effectively manage your information whether you are a mid-size company or a large global enterprise. Changing times require a flexible infrastructure. The Power Station in SourceOne City is designed with an eye towards the future. Applying the metaphor to your Information Governance needs means there are constant changes in your IT environment. New versions of applications emerge that provide increased enhancements and better usability. You want an Information Governance solution that can help you to easily manage your information so that upgrades and migrations are simple. You also want a solution that gives you intelligence about your information – visibility into the information that you need to manage. Finally, when we think about how we purchase power, the Power Station is a good analogy to a utility-based model. Not sure you want to own Information Governance in-house? No problem. We are working with partners who can deliver Information Governance as a service to you. While the current phrase for this model is “cloud computing”, there aren’t any clouds in SourceOne City – it’s all beautiful sunny blue skies every day.

Perspectives: EMC SourceOne from Partner View

This video is courtesy of a couple of outstanding EMC business partners in South Africa who are building expertise around EMC SourceOne.  To learn more, visit: http://www.emc.com/SourceOneCity